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All of our new flow-pack machines now have built in modems as a standard feature. Our technicians can now connect through the internet to assist with trouble-shooting and servicing your equipment. In the past this type of service was limited to expensive, high end equipment installations, but we decided to make this service standard for all of our flow-pack customers, and consider it valuable for our customers working in remote locations or that lack a ready supply of skilled operators. Remote assistance is free under the first year’s warranty, and may be renewed thereafter with an annual subscription.

The hardware and software we use for this service is secure and reliable, and an optional USB port also allows for attaching a 4G/3G/GPRS adapter for connecting to the Internet if your machine does not have access to wired infrastructure for an internet connection. If you would like to read technical details please visit

We appreciate your past business and for a limited time will offer modem retrofits on older machines at a discounted cost. Please contact our service team if you are interested in adding a modem to one of the Delfin flow-pack machines you already own. They will be able to tell you if your particular model can be retrofitted and the cost for the upgrade.

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