Tips from your Techs! (#2)

It is important for us to keep your production running smooth and with minimum setbacks. With the holidays approaching we understand your business may get busy and overloaded so our technicians came up with a few highly recommended tips to help create less stress this season.

1. Got internet? Our new flow-pack machines now have built in modems as a standard feature. Our technicians can now connect through the internet to assist with trouble-shooting and servicing your equipment. We even offer modem retrofits for older flow-pack models! Having internet in your facility will help solve technical issues faster and efficiently. Email us here for more details.

2. Check your manual. Every machine comes with a manual. The manual comes with valuable information to help solve small issues. It also provides proper techniques for parts that need servicing for example greasing your cylinder shafts.

3. Clean your machine. We realize this tip is probably the most simple of them all, yet it’s very important to mention. Keep your machine and its parts clear of debris and product before, during, and after a production run. Cleaning the sealing jaws, knife assemblies, rollers, and cylinders will help your machine work more effectively.

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