The Semi-Automatic TSDW Combo Scale

Choosing the right combination scale for your production line is important. It should be fast, efficient, and nearly precise. The Yamato semi-automatic TSDW, with 12 weighing platforms, checks all the above boxes.

The TSDW is essential to any production line that requires minimum weighing loss. Losing product can be costly, but with the TSDW weighing shortage is reduced in fixed weight packs by selecting combinations to the nearest target weight. It discharges the product automatically until the exact amounts of predetermined packages are complete.

This combination scale increases productivity with speeds of up to 35 packs per minute. It combines and discharges your product while controlling spacing to reduce the amount of defective packages.

The TSDW is perfect for products like table grapes, bell peppers, tomatoes on the vine, meats, and so much more.

If you're looking for a tabletop scale that's easy to use, saves loss, and improves productivity then I think you may have found it. The TSDW is available for demonstration in our showroom. For appointments please call the office at (559) 636-9600.

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